Croft House

Utilities Information 


Each flat has a aerial connection from a communal supply that the Managing Agent maintains. The actual supplier of TV channels is agreed by each flat occupier. No additional connections are permitted without permission from the Managing Agent, including satellite dishes.

Telephone & Internet

Connection points are within each flat. Each occupier must agree their own supplier to these.


Each flat has its own electricity meter and account, with whichever supplier they have agreed.

The meters for the flats are in the cupboard under the stairs; each owner should have a key to access this to take meter readings.

The Managing Agent pays for the electricity to the shared areas of the block. The street lighting is through the local authority.


Each flat has its own gas meter and account, with whatever supplier they have agreed.


Each aflat has its own water meter and account with South Staffs Water with the following contact details:

0845 60 70 456