Lucy Baldwin Gardens, Stourport

General Maintenance


All contractors and maintenance of the shared land and driveways is arranged and instructed by the Management Company. Only contact the Management Company about any queries not the contractors direct.


The grass and landscaped areas are maintained and litter-picked by a landscaping contractor. This is every fortnight in the summer season and monthly in the winter.

The driveways are regularly treated for weed growth.

This contractor will also regularly inspect the trees in this area which are protected; please report any issues such as falling branches.


A grit bin is installed on site which the landscaper shall ensure is full with grit on an ongoing basis with a shovel provided for use. Please report any issues of this being empty or needing repair.

This is for residents to use as deemed necessary for the private driveways and path, during periods of potential ice and snow. The local authority are responsible for the main access road.


Any ad hoc repairs can be addressed as reported, for example the boundary fence to the adjacent field, and the central memorial.