Ludgate Lofts

Property Information

Management Company

Ludgate Lofts Management Co Ltd

On purchasing an apartment at Ludgate Lofts, the leaseholder becomes a shareholder in Ludgate Lofts Management Co Ltd.

The principal objective of the company is to ensure that Ludgate Lofts is managed to high standards in accordance with the terms of leases and all other relevant statues or regulations.

KWB Property Management Ltd is appointed to manage the apartment and the estate and to provide advice on all matters relating to management and administration of the estate.

General communications

General notices are posted on the noticeboard in the ground floor lobby, maintenance updates will be posted on this website. From time to time, residents and leaseholders may receive a circular in the post or through their letterbox.

For anything else, the property manager and accounts manager can be contacted at our office on 0121 233 2330.

Managing agents & staff

The duties of the managing agent include:

  • Financial: Accounting and service charge administration.
  • Staff: Recruitment, employment, payroll and administration.
  • Insurance: General administration and dealing with claims.
  • Administration: Maintaining records and files of owners/contracts etc and upkeep of all site records.
  • Estate management: Repairs and renewals, Health and Safety at work responsibility, maintenance of sub-contracts where appropriate.
  • Legal: Acting as company secretary for Ludgate Lofts Management Co Ltd, dealing with the transfers of apartment and houses in conjunction with solicitors.
  • Annual budget: Preparation of the annual budget including reserve provisions.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance of the communal areas of the apartments and the estate.
  • Inspections: Site inspections to ensure that cleaning is carried out effectively and that repairs and defects are logged and dealt with in a timely manner.
  • Contractors: Control of contractors on-site.


Front doors

A key fob is required to access the apartment block. If you experience a problem with the door not locking, or the intercom system not working, please report this to us immediately via the online reporting system. If you need to purchase a replacement fob, please submit a request to


  • Only park in your designated car park space.
  • Do not park, or allow to be parked, any vehicle on any part of the open spaces (other than the dedicated premises parking space).
  • Do not use the dedicated premises parking space for any purpose other than the parking of a currently insured and roadworthy private vehicle. No commercial vehicle over 30 cwt or caravan is allowed be parked in the dedicated parking space.
  • Please do not obstruct the entrance to the car park.
  • Please do not store petrol or other inflammable materials in your parking space or garage.
  • Children must not play in car parking areas.
  • Please do not use your parking space or garage for storage and keep it clean and tidy.


Visitor parking

There are no visitor parking areas within the estate. All parking spaces on the estate are the private property of other residents and not to be used.

For contractor or trade visits, short term parking, for the purpose of loading and unloading only, at the entrance to your block or house is permitted.


Car park gates

Access to Ludgate Lofts is via the motorised gates using a car park fob. If you require a replacement fob, submit a request to

Rules & regulations

Common parts of the apartment blocks

Furniture is not permitted in the common parts on safety grounds. These areas should at no time be used for storage of other items such as cycles. Flammable material must never be placed in common areas.



Generally, the apartments are well insulated for sound. However, slamming doors can cause inconvenience to your neighbours and your consideration is requested in this matter.

In general please avoid high levels of noise which can be disruptive to other residents, the volume of TVs and other sound equipment should also be controlled to avoid nuisance to your neighbours, particularly at night time.



In line with legislation, smoking is not permitted within any of the common areas of any building on the estate.

Do not throw cigarette ends out of any windows.


Private works

From time to time you may want to instruct contractors to undertake some type of refurbishment (eg, fit a new kitchen) to your property.

There is potential for nuisance if you allow your contractors to damage or create a mess in the communal areas, if they impede access, or from excessive noise. Consequently, contractors must be properly supervised to ensure any disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.

As weekend and evening working is particularly anti-social in a residential environment, contractors are permitted to work only on weekdays and during normal working hours.

Residents are responsible for disposal of any and all waste material generated by themselves and their contractors.

Lease regulations

These are summarised below as a guide. If you have any queries, you may always contact the property manage for further advice.


The apartments

  • Do not obstruct the entrances, landings, staircases and fire escapes at any time.
  • Please close all entrance doors securely after entry/exit.
  • Do not grant access to persons not known to you. This includes apartment entrances and external gates.
  • Please do not allow children to play in the common parts of the building or grounds.
  • Access to meter cupboards to read your electric meter is by using the combination lock.
  • Do not keep any animal or bird in the apartment (other than a guide dog) without the landlord’s prior written approval.
  • Do not allow any noise or music in the apartment so as to be audible outside the apartment between 11.00pm and 8.00am or so as to be audible outside the apartment at other times if any of the other residents object.
  • Do not cause a nuisance, damage, annoyance or inconvenience to the landlord, the management company or the other residents.


The estate and grounds

For safety reasons we would particularly ask that children be accompanied in the vicinity of the car park areas within the estate.

Also, for the convenience of your fellow residents, we would respectfully ask you to observe the following guidelines:

  • Please accompany children under the age of eight years.
  • Please do not obstruct footpaths.
  • Please do not cause a nuisance to other residents.
  • Do not hang or expose any clothes or washing on the property so as to be visible from outside the property.
  • Do not park on the paving slabs and only park in your designated parking space.


Sub-letting of apartments

  • For further details of the lease restrictions related to sub-letting, please refer to your lease.
  • Please inform the property manager of any new letting.
  • You are minded that a valid gas safety certificate is required by law for rented properties with gas.

Remember, as the property owner, you are responsible for your tenant’s actions so careful selection is highly recommended to minimise the risk of potential liability.


Apartments empty for more than a week

If your apartment is likely to be left empty for more than seven days, please make arrangements for the property to be monitored for security and maintenance purposes.

You may well find that this is a requirement of your contents insurance.


Modification to apartments

To ensure that no modifications to the plumbing or internal alteration to apartments are implemented that may compromise the other apartments, such modifications or alterations may only be undertaken with the prior written consent of the managing agents.

Please note that no work should be undertaken to the balcony, doors or windows without consulting the managing agents in order to maintain the architectural integrity of the buildings.

No reasonable request will be refused, but failure to comply with any requirements may require that the property be reinstated to its original condition.

Service charges

The service charge year runs 1 January to 31 December. Your service charge contribution is payable in two equal instalments due on 1 January and 1 July.

The service charge comprises the anticipated costs and expenses incurred by the management company in providing services to the general estate, including the buildings, grounds and staff.

An estimate of this expenditure is prepared prior to the start of each service charge year, from which your interim charge is calculated. Owners and leaseholders then pay a percentage contribution of the estimate on account, half-yearly in advance.

A sinking fund has been established to contribute to future expenditure on major items.


Applications for payment are issued by the managing agents in advance of due dates to enable prompt payment. Interest and charges may be incurred if payments are not received within 14 days of the due date.

The application will show the available methods of payment.


Important: Please remember that your furnishings, carpets and personal belongings are not covered by any buildings insurance policy and we would recommend that you arrange personal contents cover. Vehicles and other personal property left on the estate are not covered.

In the event you need to make a claim, please contact your property manager who will provide advice and guidance for each claim.

Rights as a Lessee

Please refer to the provided 6 page advisory leaflet which will explain the following:

  • Right to challenge the reasonableness of service charges.
  • To be consulted prior to major works and long term agreements
  • To be sent annual statement of accounts for service charges within six months of the year end.
  • Service charge demands to be accompanied by a summary of rights and obligations.
  • Entitlement to know who the freeholder is.
  • Entitlement to “quiet enjoyment “ – see lease.


Responsibilities as a Lessee

As a leaseholder and freeholder under the terms of your lease/deed, you are required to take responsibility and abide to certain conditions such as:

  • To abide by the terms of the lease, eg, alterations, sub-lettings, assignments, etc.
  • To take a responsible attitude towards security, health and safety, etc.
  • To be a considerate neighbour.
  • To take responsibility for repairs, maintenance, contents insurance, etc. in your property.
  • To report any other problems to the managing agents.
  • If there is any doubt as to who is responsible for any particular matter, to check the lease and then, if still not sure, consult the managing agent for guidance.