Sherbourne House


All contractors and maintenance of the shared areas is arranged and instructed by the Management Company.  If you have any queries or concerns please contact us during normal office hours Mon – Fri 09:00 – 17:30.

0121 233 2330 



The local authority provide refuse bins to the bin store.  All rubbish including any recycle items should be placed in these bins. Rubbish is collected every Thursday.


Sherbourne Waste Collection


All rubbish must be placed in the rubbish bins, no rubbish is to be left in any communal areas.  A £50 + VAT fine and additional cost of removal will be issued to those not complying with this.


All internal stairs and corridors are cleaned every month by Dream Clean. The carpets in the communal corridors are deep-cleaned every Spring and Autumn.

Window Cleaning

All external surfaces of windows to the apartments/houses and communal areas are cleaned every months by Dream Clean.

You can look at you current window cleaning contact here

Fire & Electrical

The lighting, fire-alarm and prevention systems are maintained on a regular basis.


To see your recent Fire & General Risk Assessment please, Click Here


At the pedestrian entrances there is an intercom for visitors to call each apartment which is regularly maintained. There is also trade access.


The courtyard grass and garden areas are maintained on a fortnightly basis in the summer months and monthly in the winter ones.

You can look at your current landscaping contract here