The Promenade, Coventry


Communal Areas

Contact KWB Property Management Ltd for instructions on who to call in an emergency. They can only deal with issues to the shared communal and structural areas for the apartment blocks, and external shared areas.

0121 233 2330 –¬†Working Hours

0121 362 4632 – Outside Working Hours


The emergency services must be immediately contacted directly in the event of any fire or smoke being detected:


Individual Areas

Each owner is responsible for their own area. If you let your property then contact your immediate landlord. Some recommended contractors are below, which will need to be instructed and paid for direct by owners not the Management Company:

Burton Property Services


Severn Trent Water can be contacted 24/7 on the following number if there are any supply issues:

0800 783 4444


You can contact the following emergency number if you detect any gas leak:

0800 111 999